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As part of Microsoft's response to the impact of COVID-19, they have shifted tens of thousands of employees to working remotely. Here are some resources, best practices, and services they've put together to help you ease into remote work.

Best practices and discussion for remote work

  • Best practices on enabling effective remote work, based on Microsoft's internal learnings.
  • The Microsoft Tech Community has launched a new interactive forum for sharing best practices and discussions including fellow customers, partners, and Microsoft subject-matter experts

Enabling Teams

  • Teams is a pivotal part of the remote work experience, and Microsoft is committed to making it available to everyone.
    • Microsoft recommends that partners lead with the CSP Trial, as this is the only experience that partners can initiate and manage. Please see details in this news article.
    • For those who don’t align to the CSP Trial, access to the Office 365 E1 Trial is now available to partners.
  • Virtual delivery options are available across all Microsoft 365 Partner Accelerator workshops.

Training Resources

Microsoft has a range of training resources available for you and your customers at no additional cost.

  • Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products. Our goal is to help you become proficient on our technologies with fun, guided, hands-on, interactive content that's specific to your role and goals.
  • Regionally delivered webinars designed to boost the knowledge of deep, technical scenarios across all Microsoft cloud solutions.
  • Role-specific learning paths for partners to build their skills on Microsoft products and solutions.

Technical assistance

  • Microsoft FastTrack is available to assist organizations in setting up remote work and learning in response to COVID-19. It is recommended that partners work alongside FastTrack to gain access to deployment resources and remote engineering assistance as well as to leverage data-migration services. To help customers request assistance in response to COVID-19, please sign in and fill out a Request for Assistance form on behalf of your customer. If you have challenges signing in or need additional assistance, please send an email to